Michele De Stefano's C++ Utilities
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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 cfile_stream.hppContains some Boost.Iostreams devices to use a C FILE* as a C++ std::stream
 array_iterator.hppContains the wrapper for the NumPy iterator for ndarray objects
 traits.hppContains type utilities for building NumPy-based extensions
 matrix.hppContains converters for the boost::numeric::ublas::matrix class
 matrix_sparse.hppContains converters for some boost::numeric::ublas' sparse matrices
 numpy_array.hppContains NumPy array wrappers that behave like Boost uBLAS classes
 vector.hppContains converters for the boost::numeric::ublas::vector class
 common.hppUtilities and workarounds for all the extension codes
 container_operators.hppContains utilities for easy Python operators support into extension modules
 conversion.hppUtilities for converting data from/to Python
 dictionary.hppContains a wrapper class for the Python dictionary datatype
 exception.hppContains new C++ exceptions created specifically for interoperation with Python
 fileobj.hppContains classes for managing python file objects from C++ code
 list.hppContains a wrapper class for the Python list datatype
 obj.hppContains a wrapper class for the PyObject* datatype
 sequence.hppContains a wrapper class for a generic Python sequence datatype
 sequence_iterator.hppContains utilities for managing Python sequences through a bidirectional iterator
 tuple.hppContains a wrapper class for the Python tuple datatype
 traits.hppContains utilities for the Boost uBLAS library
 echo.hppContains macros for echoing programming instructions
 endian.hppContains classes to test machine endianity